Hot Wax with The Mad Platter

I would like to thank everyone for tuning in on Saturday to Hot Wax

Special thanks to everyone that hung out with me in the chat room. Extra Special Thanks to Everyone at House Of Prog

Very special thanks to all the musicians involved in these fine recordings without you I would not have a show to do.

Playlist, Label Info:

Poets of The Fall – Ultraviolet (Side 2)
Label – Self Released

Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto Of An Alchemist (Side 2)
Label – Inside Out/Sony

Phideaux – Infernal (Side3)
Label – Self Released

Blue Man Group- Three (Side 3)
Label – Rhino Records

3 – To the Power of Three (Side 2)
Label – Geffen Records

Kingdom Come – Bad Image (Side 2)
Label – WEA

Conception – My Dark Symphony (Side 2)
Label – Self Released

Super Doppler – Moon Light Anthems (Side 2)
Label – Feedbands

Haken – L+1VE (Side 2)
Label – InsideOut Music

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