Music Submission

Black and White Turntable

Music provided by Record Labels and Independent Bands/Artists.

As a fan of music myself, my number one priority is to promote great music not build a record collection, I have been promoting music in one shape or another for over four decades. What I do best is promote unsigned independent bands/artists and independent record labels.

My philosophy:
Bring musicians and everyday people together to keep the inspiration and imagination of the music alive. The telling of a story through a song or album has an impact and long lasting effects in our daily lives.

I try to promote these effects in hopes that people will continue to use music to learn, entertain, inspire, and open new doors in their lives.

My Shows: 

Because music was meant to be heard one side at a time.

Styles that I play on my shows:
All forms of Progressive Rock and its sub-genres, Blues, Rock and its many sub-genres, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative, Reggae Instrumental and World Music.

So if you are looking to having your music not just played once or twice, but on a regular basis by someone that actually cares and is passionate about your music and promoting your band and or label, then please feel free to send me a copy of your latest release for airplay.

Mail to
Nick Katona
C/O Air Play
1705 Edgewater Drive
Box 540212
Orlando, Florida.

Nick Katona