Music is Alive & Well – Episode No. 5

I would like to thank everyone for tuning into Music is Alive & Well on Saturday March 11, 2017. Music is Alive & Well focus’s on spinning & promoting all forms of Independent Music, from Independent Bands & Solo Musicians, to Independent record labels. this is an all genre show.

Special thanks to everyone that hung out with me in the chat room. Extra Special Thanks to Everyone at House Of Prog

Very special thanks to all the musicians involved in these fine recordings without you I would not have a show to do.

Spinning Vinyl … Because Music was Meant to be heard at 33 1/3
Playlist, Label Info, Band and Purchase Links.

Nazareth – Rock N Roll Telephone (Side 1)
Label – Conveyor ‎ – Buy Here

The Waterboys – Modern Blues (Side 1)
Label – Kobait Records  – Buy Here

Matisyahu – Live at Stubb’s Vol.II  (Side 1)
Label – Fallen Sparks Records ‎ – Buy Here

Bombadil – Hold on (Side 1)
Label – Ramseur Records – Buy Here

Clair Brennan & The Rising – Christmas Rain (Side 1)
Label – Melodic Revolution Records – Buy Here

The Empty Pockets – Ten Cent Tour (Side 2)
Label – Self Released – Buy Here

Castle Creek – The Only Life (Side 1)
Label – Self Released – Buy Here

The Good Graces – Close To The Sun (Side 1)
Label – Fort Lowell Records  – Buy Here

Thank you for supporting these fine artists…

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Music Royalties Paid to Stream Licensing Via House of Prog


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