Returning to my roots with ‘Music is Alive & Well’ a new show on House of Prog.

I have been promoting musicans and playing their music on internet radio for over 5 years now. The current show Vinyl Confessions was launched about a year and a half ago and has gone through a few changes, none the less it has been a hit on House of Prog.

As with all things we must adapt, sadly my co-host Mike cannot be on the show every week and we only do interviews a few times a month, so instead of still calling the show Vinyl Confessions every week even when I have no guest or co-host seemed a bit misleading. Thus a new show was born to fill in the gaps.

Each one of my shows is unique, for example Dinner Music (Tuesday Nights) is a all genre show. Prog @ 33 1/3 (Friday Nights) is all forms and sub genres of prog. Vinyl Confessions (Music & Talk). All three of these show I showcase the best local, national and international music Unlike my other shows ‘Music is Alive & Well’ will focus on promoting all forms of Independent Music, Independent Musicians, and Music provided by Independent labels.

This is how I got my start as a Dj playing, 100 % Independent music. I am now pleased to say that with ‘Music is Alive & Well’ I return to my roots as a Dj.

Spinning Vinyl, Because Music Was Ment To Be Heard at 33 1/3

Links: House of Prog
House of Prog Facebook Link


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