Vinyl Confessions with Special Guests King Llama


On behalf of The Vinyleros Mike The Waxman Maffei, Ken The Traveler Roberts and myself the Mad Platter and House of Prog, We would like thank our very Special Guests King Llama (Luis Briones, Ryan Tanner Bailey, and Nico Staub) for being part of the madness on Vinyl Confessions today. Some of you may have noticed Ken was not on air with us and we missed his insites and presence as he was on vacation, but he will be back next week.

We had a bit of a rough start with the skype connetions, but once we got the show on the road it was amazing, Luis Briones, Ryan Tanner Bailey, and Nico Staub were really down to earth, funny passionate and some of the coolest guys we have had on thed show. And the music, well we thought it kick ass and deserves to be heard.

As The Waxman Stated:
“Their insight, humor and passion was nothing short of amazing and we had nothing short of a ball and a blast”. I couldnt have said it better myself.



House of Prog Logo Designed by Ed Unitsky

This and every show is 100% live and produced if you want to call it that by Nick Katona:
Mad Platter Music Promotions


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