Vinyl Confessions Special Edition with Solo Artist Ray Wilson formerly of Genesis and Stiltskin

Photo by Justyna Justisza D

Ray was a member of Genesis between 1996 and 1998 he recorded one album with them “Calling All Stations” Calling All Stations was released in September of 97 and became a top 10 worldwide hit, Genesis toured Europe in winter 1997 spring 1998

Wilson is currently tour in support of not one, but two solo albums that were released this year Song For A Friend and Makes Me Think Of Home

The Vinyleros Are: Ken Roberts (The Traveler), Mike Maffei (The Waxman) & Nick Katona (The Mad Platter). And Special Guest Vinylereo Rob Rutz



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This and every show is 100% live and produced if you want to call it that by Nick Katona:
Mad Platter Music Promotions


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