Dinner Music With The Mad Platter August 9th

I would like to thank everyone for tuning in on Tuesday August 2nd 2016 and to those that hung out with me in the chat room. Special thanks to everyone at House Of Prog 

Dinner Music 2

Very special thanks to all the musicians involved in these fine recordings without you I would not have a show to do.

Spinning Vinyl … Because Music Was Meant To Be Heard at 33 1/3

Below is a list of what we played, the record label name and a purchase link. Thank you for supporting these artists…

The Rolling Stones – Flowers (Side 1)
Label – London Records  – Buy Here

Rosco Levee And The Southern Slide – Get It While You Can (Side 2)
Label – Plane Groovy Records – Buy Here

Robin Trower – For Earth Below (Side 2)
Label Friday Music – Buy Here

Loggins and Messina – On Stage (Side 3)
Label – Columbia Records – Buy Here

Delerium – Karma (Side 1)
Label – NetworkRecords  – Buy Here

Dokken – The Anthems (Side 4)
Label – 1201 Music – Buy Here

Simple Minds – Live Big Music Tour 2015 (Side 3)
Label – Demon Records – Buy Here

Deep Purple – Made In Japan (Side 1)
Label – Purple Records – Buy Here

Zakk Wylde – Book of Shadows II (Side 4)
Label – eOne Records – Buy Here

Clannad – Sirius (Side 2)
Label – RCA Victor – Buy Here

Karmakanic – Dot (Side 2)
Label – InsideOut Music – Buy Here

Vandenberg’s MoonKings – Vandenberg’s MoonKings (Side 2)
Label – Mascot Label Group – Buy Here

The Smiths – Unreleased Demos and Instrumentals (Side 2)
Label – Basement Tapes & Records – Buy Here

Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes (Side 2)
Label –Atlantic – Buy Here

UFO – Making Contact (Side 3)
Label – EMI – Buy Here

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House of Prog Group Page
House of Prog Music Page
House of Prog Twitter Page


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