Jonas Reingold Live on Vinyl Confessions

vinyl confessions with Jonas Reigngold v3

The Vinyleroe’s are proud to announce that Jonas Reingold will be joining the madness known as Vinyl Confessions on Saturday July 16th 2016. Jonas is a Bass Player and Producer in Karmakanic, The Flower Kings, KAIPA, The Fringe, TANGENT, AGENTS OF MERCY, among others and the Owner of Reingold Records.

We will be playing music from the new Karmakanic album Dot due out in late July plus we will spin music from some of his other projects.

Show Time:10:00 AM (EST) Use the “WORLDWIDE CLOCK TIME CONVERTER” to see when the show will air in your area.

Listen And Chat Link
Listen in your car using your Smart Phone or tablet

The Vinyleros are: Nick “The Mad Platter” Katona, Mike “The Waxman” Maffei & Ken“The Traveler” Roberts.

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The Fringe
The Flower Kings

Make sure you grab a comfy seat, your favorite beverage and bring your friends along for the ride, because we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

This is a Music and Talk show. We only spin vinyl, because music was meant to be heard at 33 1/3


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