Music Affairs with Nick & Tommie June 21st

Thank you

On behalf of the House of Prog, Tommie Brewster and myself Nick Katona we would like to thank everyone that tuned into Music Affairs on Tuesday!

Very special thanks to all our friends that hung out with us in the chat room, you rock our world…

Extra special thanks to Rick Henry and House of Prog for providing us a place to host this show and to the staff and street team for all you do.

Very special thanks to all the musicians involved in these fine recordings with out you I would not have a show to do.

Till next time…
Love Nick and Tommie
– ‘people will talk, but not as much as us’

Below is a list of what I played, the record label name and a purchase link. Thank you for supporting these artists…

Axel Rudi Pell – Game of Sins (Side 4)
SPV Records Buy Here

The Mute Gods – Do Nothing To Hear From Me (Side 1)
InsideOut Music Buy Here

Deep Purple – In Rock (Side 1)
Warner Bros. Records Buy Here

Bad Co.- Bad Co. (Side 2)
Swan Song Records Buy Here


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