Vinyl Confessions With Special Guest Pathos

On behalf of the House of Prog, The Vinylero’s Ken Roberts aka The Traveler and myself Nick Katona aka The Mad Platter would like to thank everyone that tuned into Vinyl Confessions today! Sadly Mike Maffei aka The Waxman was not able to join us as he was out sick, Get well soon brother Mike.


A big shout out our amazing guests Ricardo Marliere and Hugo Moutinho of Brazilian Progressive Stoner Rock Pathos for being our special guests.

Very special thanks to all our friends and fans that hung out with us in the chat room, you rock our world…

Extra special thanks to Rick Henry and House of Prog for providing us a place to host this show and to the staff and street team for all you do.

We love you all, till next week, catch you on the flip side.
The Vinylero’s

This show was recorded live June 18th 2016



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