Dark Horse Flyer to Appear on Vinyl Confessions


Join the madness with your Hosts The Vinyleros: Nick “The Platter” Katona, Mike “The Waxman” Maffei & Ken “The Traveler” Roberts.

Our very special guest will be none other than Dark Horse Flyer, hailing from South Florida these guys are amazing, and one of the best up and coming all American Blues flavored Rock ‘n’ Roll bands. Their highly acclaimed debut Breakaway was released in 2014 on LP, CD and Digital and they’re music can be heard on various shows worldwide including House of Prog. They have a new album in the can and ready for release in late spring early summer 2016, and it’s a real smoker.

Dark Horses Flyer Are:
Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Lane (guitar, vocals), John Tillman, (guitar), Richard Taylor (bass), Raul Hernandez (drums, percussion), and Bob Taylor (keyboards)

Sign up for the Dark Horses Flyer mailing list for a chance to win some cool music and merchandise:

Now grab a comfy seat, your favorite beverage and bring your friends along for the ride, because we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

This is a Music and Talk show. We only spin vinyl, because music was meant to be heard at 33 1/3

East Coast ~ Florida to Maine ~ 10:00 AM
West Coast ~ California ~ 7:00 AM
● Dallas ~ 9:00 AM
● Tokyo ~ 10:00 PM
● Sydney ~ 11:00 PM
● London ~ 3:00 PM
● Rome ~ 5:00 PM
● Beirut ~ 5:00 PM
● Oslo ~ 4:00 PM
● Poland ~ 4:00 PM

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