Dinner Music For The Digitally Impaired Playlist February 9th 2016

Dinner Music 2

Thank you all for tuning into “Dinner Music For The Digitally Impaired”

Playlist for 2/9/16
Serpentine – Circle of Knives (Side 1)
3rd Ear Experience – Incredible Good Fortune (Side 4)
Thank You Scientist – Maps of Non Existent Places (Side 2)
Sabaton – Heroes (Side 1)
Tracer – Water for Thirsty Dogs (Side 1)
The Fixx – Beautiful Friction (Side 2)
The Winery Dogs – Unleashed in Japan (Side 2)
Blue Snaggletooth – Beyond Thule (Side 1)
Uriah Heep – Into the Wild (Side 1)
Moon Martin – Escape From Domination(Side 1)
Amplifier – Echo Street (Side 3)
Pretenders – Break up the Concrete (Side 1)

For more information about dates and times.


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