Music Affairs – Show Debut February 2nd

Music Affairs

Music Affairs is a brand new monthly music and talk show hosted by Nick Katona and Tommie Brewster and will debut Tuesday February 2nd.

With their extensive experience of the music business the discussions will cover an array of topics, from the inner and outer workings of music, the difficulties facing musicians today, the latest trends and possibilities.

Nick Katona is President of Melodic Revolution Records and DJ at House of Prog. Tommie Brewster is a Musician and Radio Host, Tommie’s shows can be heard around the world via her Radio Network site TTM Radio Network on over 30 different stations including House of Prog. Tommie is also the Blues Ambassador to New Zealand at the USA Blues Hall of Fame.

– “people will talk, but not as much as us”

East Coast ~ 6:00 PM
West Coast ~ 3:00 PM
Dallas ~ 5:00 PM
Buenos Aires ~ 8:00 PM
London ~ 11:00 PM
Rome ~ 12:00 AM
Auckland ~ 12:00 PM
Oslo ~ 12:00 AM
Beirut ~ 1:00 AM
Hamburg ~ 12:00 AM
Athens ~ 1:00 AM
Tokyo ~ 8:00 AM
Sydney ~ 10:00 AM

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